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I used to be one of the people you are talking about. I used to hate the other side. I used to think they were dirty. I used to think they were stupid. I used to be that kind of person . . until about an hour ago . . . when I go back to my home and I am with my friends and one of them starts to tell a joke about Palestinians, I am going to make them stop. I’m going to tell them that what they are saying is not true. I know, because I’ve been here with you.

-- an Israeli student during his Unity Team workshop in Jerusalem, 2004

The Unity Project is an intensive, school-based bias, harassment and violence prevention program in four Maine communities that have begun to address the challenges of changing racial and ethnic demographics. Through this project, elementary, middle and high school students, their teachers, and school administrators gain the necessary understanding and skills to interrupt bias language and harassment in low key ways.

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